My name is Krissy Traustason and I am a hand lettering artist and designer. I received my BFA in Graphic Design in 2014 and have been working on this dream ever since! I started Northern Ash because I truly love every aspect of lettering and design. It is in that work that I find a true sense of peace in knowing that I am doing what I was created to do. 


I have lived in Southern California most of my life, but since I was born in a small town in Michigan (It's actually a village), I still identify as a midwest girl. I'm a Jesus follower above anything else! I believe He has given me the drive to create, so I'm doing it for Him. I really come alive when I'm creating something for a client. Theres's something about them pouring out their ideas and dreams and then being able to come up with a solution and fulfilling their desires that is just so life giving! The yoga studio is my happy place and it is not only the best workout ever, but brings so much energy to my daily life. Having a time where I can block everything out, I have found, helps me focus when I work. With a family culture of traveling the world, I feel it has instilled a love of adventure in my life. The travel bug is real with this one! I feel these experiences bring a whole new dynamic to my art that I love to share with my clients. My biggest weakness is a well made chocolate chip cookie. haha! They are SO GOOD! I'm known among the people that know me best to be obsessed with color and to hate mornings. It must be in my DNA to just be able to stay up all night because I get my second wind at 10pm and could easily be awake till 5am...I'm not proud of it (except I am...). 

Also, Netflix binging.